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What is Function Ventures

We are an advisor-powered

venture platform for Fintech & Commerce Tech for founders building high-impact businesses

Our thesis.

We believe that scaled startups can deliver 100x impact, but founders have limited access to advice, strong networks, operational capability, and capital. 

We have also continuously seen the power of relationships and believe that building a network with the right people can unlock access to anyone, anything, anywhere, solving all of the above challenges.

Leveraging this network becomes the differentiator for Function Ventures’ portfolio companies, empowering them to deliver high impact in the world at an accelerated speed.

Our mandate.

By diligently following the mandate and remaining flexible to windfall opportunities, Function Ventures expects to deliver social impact value through financial inclusion, education accessibility, climate change action support, healthy/nutrition improvement, and local economic development.

Primary Focused Domains:

Fintech & Commerce Tech.

Primary Focused Geographies:

US, India, Middle East & Africa.

Other verticals and geographies will be considered and evaluated on a case basis according to Function Ventures’ Company mandate and governance.

Company Stage:

Typically at Series A and later stages. However, Function Ventures is stage agnostic given its large and deeply connected network across many different industries, allowing the ecosystem to leverage the network at any stage in any venture's life.

Capital Support:

Function Ventures has the ability to support portfolio company fundraising efforts after the company has actively worked with a Function Ventures assigned advisor and shown outstanding progress. Each investment and fundraising support needs to be approved by the Board and Management Committee.

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