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  • How can Function help my company?
    It's self-evident that connections, relationships, and most importantly trust matters. We believe that the right relationships can unlock access to anyone, anything, anywhere. By right relationships we mean, an invite-only trustworthy close community of individuals with solid experience, deep knowledge, and vast network. The outcome of unlocking such access comes in different shapes and forms but always channeled via our advisors. We are an advisor powered company. Our job is to match our portfolio companies (based on their needs, stage, particular situation) to the World's best possible advisor for an accelerated positive outcome. We only win when the startup wins. You company's needs can be related to GTM (go-to-market), growth/business development, new market expansion, technology strategy/operations or product development, financial management support, fundraising strategy and positioning, exit strategy, among many others and we will help you holistically. Imagine! If you had a POS (point-of-sale) disruptive startup. What would you be able to accomplish in 12 months alone versus if you had a former CEO of a major POS global company and the former CTO of a leading retail chain backing you up and leveraging their knowledge, experience, and network?
  • Does Function charge to match my startup to an advisor?
    Startups can join the community for free. We do not charge for sourcing, finding, and matching your startup to an advisor, however, all engagements have a mix of cash and equity which is agreed to at contracting stage.
  • Which companies should join Function?
    Our focus is on Fintech and CommerceTech domains given our network's strength, however, as our community continues to grow we welcome other tech startups if they want to connect with a specific advisor from our team. As all engagements are economically composed by a combination of cash and equity, we welcome startups willing and able to commit to this commercial model.
  • I am an investor (or part of a fund), why should I join Function?
    Becoming part of the community unlocks access to deal-flow, most of which vetted by our advisors, and access our advisor network. As a member of the community investors can connect with advisors that might help their portfolio companies, gain prime insights from Function's portfolio companies from our advisors, and build new relationships with potential LP's and co-investors.
  • How can I become a Function advisor?
    We are an invite-only advisory platform. We believe that trust is a key component for success, hence, our invitations are on the basis of previous longstanding relationships. On the other hand, as we continue to grow, we understand there will be demand for specific niche expertise we will need to look for, and we encourage individuals with such skillsets to submit their forms via our website.
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