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Your Invitation.

3 ways for qualified individuals and institutions to participate in the Function Ventures Mission

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Join us as an Advisor

Ideal profile

• Deep and highly credible domain and operating expert

• Senior experience in early stage, corporate, public or development sector

• Track record with venture advisory or investing, impact focus

• Strong and accessible network

Value proposition

• Access to highly qualified advisory opportunities

• Outsized equity compensation 

• Access to a world-class network of other advisors and cause champions

• Platform to scale and derisk portfolio performance

• Deal negotiation & management support, personal branding


• Declare yourself as a Function Ventures Advisor & evaluate pipeline

• Ability to allocate minimum of 15-20% time per portfolio company

• Willingness to provide access to network

Invest in our Platform & Portfolio Companies

• Track record as a prior early-stage investor or advisor

• Strong and accessible network

• Accredited investor

• Very early access to some of the most exciting impact founders & startups

• Superior risk-return profile enabled by advisor led derisking of opportunities

• Access to a world-class network of investors, advisors & cause champions

• Platform to shape / launch own venture or advisory platform downstream

• Minimum capital commitment

(get in touch to learn more)

•  Targeted to patient capital investors

• Willingness to provide access to network

Champion the Cause

• Deeply respected, well-known industry stalwart

• Ideally former CEO of publicly traded company, global foundation, Fund, multi-lateral organization or Head of public sector agency

• Deeply networked

• A platform to shape and scale legacy, drive highly visible social impact

• Part of a highly exclusive Champions’ LP (<10 members in early years)

• Access to FxV platform and fund economics with no investment required

• Platform to scale and optimize value from inbound/family office deal flow

• Willingness to validate and endorse platform performance

• Champion cause (selectively) in media, publications, etc.

• Speak at highly exclusive founders conferences once/twice a year

• Enable access to personal network

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