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Function at Money2020

Join us at Money2020 and learn how our C-level executives can help your business.

Function Ventures Money2020

We know, finding a place for a meeting is almost an impossible mission at Money2020. That is why Function got its own space at the Venetian to have a private chat with you.

By now we would be honored if you have already heard about us but if not, no issue.

We help companies:

  • Accelerate sales

  • Reduce costs and increase runway

  • Position companies for an exit

How? Our unique team of C-level executives in fintech and commerce tech domains leverage their experience, expertise, and network to facilitate and accelerate companies’ growth and ultimately deliver outsized value.

Founder looking for support growing your business?

Investor looking for support for your portfolio of companies?

We would love to meet with you!

Click below to schedule time:

Space information:

Cabana: #8 at the Venetian Pool Deck

Time: Monday (Oct. 23rd), 10am-5pm

Attendees need to use their barcode to enter

We encourage you to schedule a time with our team asap

We are an advisor-powered venture platform for fintech & commerce tech founders. Function Ventures supports entrepreneurs at scale globally, partnering with high-impact entrepreneurs and providing a network of targeted services to support the company’s scale, including access to advisors, talent, markets, tech, and capital.

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